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Specialist Qualification - Criminology

Entry Criteria:
– Five GCSE’s at Grade 4 or above
– One of the five to be GCSE Mathematics at Grade 4 or above.

Coursework/Examination Requirements: The course is made up of four units, two external examination units and two internally assessed units.

Awarding Body/Specifications: WJEC Level 3 Applied Certificate and Diploma in Criminology. Students will be awarded a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*.

Specialist Qualification (equivalent to one A Level):
This qualification includes elements of psychology, law and sociology. It is an applied course that will enable you to acquire knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the criminal justice system. This course is designed primarily to support learners progressing to university. Together with other relevant qualifications, such as A Level Psychology, Law and Sociology, it develops the understanding to support entry to Higher Education courses in the humanities sector.

This qualification contains the following units:

Year 12

Unit 1 – Changing Awareness of Crime (Mandatory)
This unit will enable you to demonstrate understanding of different types of
crime, influences on perceptions of crime and why some crimes are unreported.

Unit 3 – Crime Scene to Courtroom (Mandatory)
This unit provides an understanding of the criminal justice system from the
moment a crime has been identified to the verdict. Learners will develop the
understanding and skills needed to examine information in order to review the justice of verdicts in criminal cases

Year 13

Unit 2 – Criminological Theories (Mandatory)
This unit will allow you to develop an understanding of why people commit
crime, drawing on what you have learned in Unit 1.

Unit 4 – Crime and Punishment (Mandatory)
This unit involves applying your understanding of the awareness of criminality,
criminological theories and the process of bringing an accused to court in order
to evaluate the effectiveness of social control to deliver criminal justice policy.

Specialist Qualification Certificate: If you choose to study this subject for one year only, you will be awarded the Certificate (equivalent to one AS Level). You will cover Units 1 and 2 and sit public examinations in Year 12.

Progression: Criminology is an ideal qualification for many jobs within the Criminal Justice Sector, Social and Probation work and Psychology. This qualification can also give you access to Higher Education.

Opportunities: Each unit allows the opportunity for visits, speakers, research and using your own experiences.

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