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English Literature

A Level - English Literature

Entry Criteria: Entry Criteria:
– You will need to achieve the pathway criteria, please see the prospectus for further information
– You will need to achieve a Grade 5 or above in GCSE English Literature
– You will need to achieve a Grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language.

Coursework/Examination Requirements:
AS Assessment Two examinations each worth 50%
A Level Assessment Two examinations each worth 40% and one coursework element worth 20%.

Awarding Body/Specifications: AQA

Advanced Level (A Level):
English Literature is the study of texts in English, including those written within the UK, outside the UK and those in translation. It provides the opportunity to gain an insight into the traditions of English Literature; to develop as a confident, independent and reflective reader and develop your interest in, and enjoyment of, literary studies. English Literature encourages self-knowledge. By studying literature, we discover how other people think and feel, now and in the past. By understanding others, we learn about ourselves and our world.

The following units will be covered on this course:

AS – Year 12 Unit
Unit 1: Literary Genres: Drama
In Literary Genres, the texts are connected through a mainstream literary
genre: either Aspects of Tragedy or Aspects of Comedy. Tragedy and
Comedy have a long tradition in literature, with their origins in the Ancient
World and with a specific emphasis on drama. Texts have been selected
and grouped together because they share some of the common features
of traditional tragic and comic drama while also offering some interesting
variations. This unit focuses on dramatic texts, including Shakespeare.
Unit 2: Literary Genres: Prose and Poetry
This unit continues the theme of looking closely at a mainstream literary
genre: either Aspects of Tragedy or Aspects of Comedy. However, this
unit will focus on prose and poetry texts and how they represent the
chosen genre

A Level – Year 13 Unit
Unit 1: Literary Genres
This unit combines the units from the AS course, considering the genre of either Tragedy or Comedy. Students will be required to analyse a Shakespearean text and compare it to another text from either the prose or poetry forms.
Unit 2: Texts and Genres
In contrast to the literary genres of tragedy and comedy, the texts are grouped together as having elements of more modern genres: either crime writing or political and social protest writing. These genres are continually evolving. Students study three texts: one post-2000 prose text, one poetry and one further text which must be written pre-1900.
Non-Examination Assessment: Theory and Independence
This is designed to allow students to read widely and to understand that contemporary study of literature needs to be informed by the fact that different theoretical and critical methods can be applied to the subject. Students will complete two essays, each responding to a different text and linking to a different aspect of the Critical Anthology.

Advanced Subsidiary (AS): If you choose to study this subject for one year only you will be awarded the AS Level. You will cover the AS unit content for papers 1 and 2 and sit public examinations in Year 12.

Progression: Understanding, analysing and responding critically to different texts is an important skill that can be applied to many different areas and Higher Education courses.

Opportunities: Almost every university in the country offers some form of English Literature course. In addition to this, there is the opportunity to explore literature in other languages on degree courses as well as components on courses such as Sociology and History.

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