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A Level - Music

Entry Criteria:
– You will need to achieve the pathway criteria, please see the prospectus for further information
– You will need to achieve Grade 4 or above in Music and be able to perform to at least Grade 5 standard
on your instrument or voice.
– Students who have not taken Music at GCSE must see the Curriculum Leader of Music before they apply
for the course, to confirm suitability.

Coursework/Examination Requirements:
A Level Assessment One examination worth 40% and one coursework worth 60%.

Awarding Body/Specifications: Pearson EdExcel

Advanced Level (A Level):
A Level Music is a two year course in which you will explore set works, learn about composition, listen, appraise different styles of music
and develop your performing skills. If you enjoy all of these elements of music and would like to further develop your skills as a musician and composer, then this is
the course for you.

The following units will be followed on this course:

Unit 1 – Performing: You are required to produce a public recital performance either as a vocalist or instrumentalist of eight to twelve minutes of music.
Performances can be undertaken as a soloist, as part of an ensemble or a combination of both. Assessment takes place in the second half of Year 13 with a number
of small assessed public performances leading up to the final recording. The performances are externally assessed by the awarding body.
Unit 2 – Composition: You are required to produce two compositions, one from a brief set by the awarding body and one ‘free composition’. The free composition
must be at least four minutes in length and carries 40 of the available 60 marks available for this component. The list of briefs available are related to the areas of
study in component 3. This composition carries the remaining 20 marks and is required to be at least one minute in length. The compositions are externally
assessed by the awarding body.

Unit 3 – Appraising: You are required to complete a two-hour examination demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of musical elements, contexts and
language. This is assessed through your application of knowledge in six areas; Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Music for Film, Popular Music and Jazz, Fusions and
New Directions (similar areas of study to the Edexcel GCSE Music course). The examination contains two sections, section A contains short answer questions on
the areas of study and a short melodic dictation exercise. Section B has two essay questions: the first one asking students to draw comparisons between a piece of
familiar and unfamiliar music, and the second one is an extended evaluation of the musical elements of one of three set works (the candidate chooses which one).

Advanced Subsidiary (AS): There is not an option to study this as an AS Level equivalent qualification as this is a two-year course

Progression: Music is highly valued by employers and Higher Education institutions. Possible career paths include Music Production, Music Retail, Music Performance Administration, Teaching, Song Writing, Composing and Music Management.

Opportunities: Extracurricular activities include theory club, choir, band and performance opportunities throughout the year to help develop confidence in performing.

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