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A Level - Sociology

Entry Criteria:
– You will need to achieve the pathway criteria, please see the prospectus for further information
– You will need to achieve a Grade 4 or above in GCSE Mathematics
– You will need to achieve a Grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language.

Coursework/Examination Requirements:
AS Assessment Two written papers each worth 50%
A Level Assessment Three written papers each worth 33.3%.

Awarding Body/Specifications: AQA

Advanced Level (A Level):
Sociology is the investigation of the way society works and why humans do the things they do as a society. Sociology seeks to answer
questions such as: how important is social class in learning? What causes poverty and social exclusion and what are the solutions? We ask if there is too much crime
on the streets and who exercises power in our lives. We observe and question the rapid globalisation of social life. Do we treat ethnic minorities differently?
Everything we do has sociological implications. If you study Sociology, you will acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of contemporary social processes
and structures such as gender, social class, race and ethnicity, culture and identity.

The following units will be covered on this course:

AS /Year 12 Units
Unit 1: Sociological Research Methods in the Context of the Sociology of
The importance of social class, gender and ethnicity. Educational achievement
and policy. Analysis of research methods.
Unit 2: Sociological Research Methods and Topics in Sociology
Families and Households: The role of men and women in the family, the
divorce rate, civil partnerships, the role of children

A Level /Year 13 Units
Unit 2: Topics in Sociology (Continued from Year 12):
The sociology of the media
Unit 3: The Sociology of Crime and Deviance and Study of Sociological
Theories and Methods
Theories of crime. State crime and green crime. Criminal justice system.
Analysis of theory and research activities.

Advanced Subsidiary (AS): If you choose to study this subject for one year only you will be awarded the AS Level. You will cover the AS unit content and sit public examinations in Year 12.

Progression: You will develop confidence in discussion and awareness of issues, together with problem solving and critical thinking, equipping you well to
progress to Higher Education or into employment in areas such as Journalism, Law, Welfare or Health are possible, the focus being on people and their lives.

Opportunities: In the past, students have attended conferences and visiting speakers have been invited to address students, including: The Houses of Parliament alongside ‘Q and A’ with politicians, exploring different cultures of East London, a “Jack the Ripper” walking tour, The Royal Courts of Justice, The Old Bailey and cultural trips to Germany and Russia.

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