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A Level - Spanish

Entry Criteria:
– You will need to achieve the pathway criteria, please see the prospectus for further information
– You will need to achieve a Grade 5 or above in GCSE Spanish from a higher tier paper.

Coursework/Examination Requirements:
AS Assessment Three examinations worth, 45%, 25% and 30%
A Level Assessment Three examinations worth 50%, 20% and 30%

Awarding Body/Specifications: AQA

Advanced Level (A Level):
Spanish is the first or second language in more than 40 countries, making it the second most spoken language in the world. Spanish at
AS/A Level will be further extending the knowledge and skills you gained at GCSE. It is an enriching linguistic and cultural experience which will develop your
understanding of current social issues and introduce you to political, intellectual and artistic culture in Spanish-speaking societies. Speaking Spanish significantly
increases the range of jobs available to you, both in the United Kingdom and across the globe in areas as diverse as business, teaching, translation, interpreting,
finance, journalism and many more.

The following units will be covered on this course:

AS – Year 12 Units
Unit 1 – Listening, Reading and Writing
• Listening and responding
• Reading and responding
• Translation into English (approximately 70 words)
Unit 2 – Writing
• Translation into Spanish (approximately 70 words)
• Essay on one film (approximately 250 words)
Unit 3 – Speaking Test
• Discussion of two sub-themes based on a stimulus card for each
• 15 minutes’ preparation time before examination

A Level – Year 13 Units
Unit 1 – Listening, Reading and Writing
• Listening and responding
• Reading and responding
• Translation into English (approximately 100 words)
• Translation into Spanish (approximately 100 words)
Unit 2 – Writing
• Essay on one film (approximately 300 words)
• Essay on one text (approximately 300 words)
Unit 3 – Speaking Test
• Discussion of one sub-theme based on a stimulus card
• Presentation and discussion of an Individual Research Project

Advanced Subsidiary (AS): If you choose to study this subject for one year only you will be awarded the AS Level. You will cover the AS unit content and sit public examinations in Year 12.

Progression: This is a very versatile qualification and, with successful study, shows persistence, application and problem-solving ability; all excellent skills to bring to
any career and which are well-respected by potential employers and Higher Education providers.

Opportunities: There are dictionaries, books, DVDs, magazines and practice resources. You will follow the AQA course and be given links to online practice sites, to provide some course content and excellent self-study material. Where numbers and interest allow, cinema trips can be organised.

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